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The Funangle

Looking at things from a fun angle!

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The Funangle
You know what a can of soda is?

Did you answer the above question? Did you think you were right? You're wrong! There are only three people who know the answer. Perhaps you think that you've had a conversation with one of the three where they've "hinted" it to you because they like you. You're wrong again!! There is absolutely, positively, one hundred percent NO WAY that you know the answer to that question because there are only three minds which can even process the true answer!!! Also, They only like each other!!!

So, who is the funangle? WE~HELL, it took you long enough to ask!!! The Funangle is a powerful force which protects the secret of the soda can. It is so frickin' cool and you wish you were a part of it. But you can't be. HA.

Maintainers! Want to edit the userinfo? Click here! As a maintainer, you are obviously a part of the Funangle, and therefore free to change/add anything you want at any time. =) You are all-powerful that way.